27 thoughts on “New Proposal Will Burn Terra Luna Classic…#LUNC Price Is Struggling Right Now!!!

  1. Please talk about this:

    I have one idea for one proposal. 
    we have to ask to add an option to burn Lunc directly on terra form dex, at 1.2% on every transation.
    I sugest the stacking rewards be also 1.2%, and let Binance burn 0.2% (it is hard to askem to increase burn tax).
    Who agrees?

  2. Withdrawal of funds from Immediately to 20 days with a sliding tax scale/penalty.50% to burns 50 to the community pool split from that sliding tax scale/penalty. I also believe 10% to be to high.

  3. If the value went up 30% or higher then 10% isn't a massive problem if you can instantly gain 20% or more in value, while the 21 days could mean you end up with less value when selling

  4. I thought the whole point of the 21 day waiting period was to help avoid attacks on the chain? Maybe I’m just crazy but wasn’t this mentioned in the rebirth of LUNC all the way back in September?

  5. shouldn’t we be withdrawing our first $10m for our $1k investment by now…still talking about take profit … what a joker…. How many people losing $$ with this rubbish

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