36 thoughts on “HORRIBLE News For US Citizens In Crypto

  1. Is it wise to purchase coins at this time? Will the price of bitcoin continue to fall this year despite widespread claims that the market is active? How soon will cryptocurrencies fully recover? To be totally honest, I have no idea how other traders in this market manage to generate gains of more than in a single year.

  2. Hello! I just recently had an issue with my bank. I have Mountain America Credit Union. I haven't been able to buy crypto on Coinbase with Mountain America through their service "Plaid"..WTF

  3. I lived in NY all my life. After the Covid bs and not being able to buy the crypto assets that I wanted I recently moved to Florida and life is good!

  4. what is the point of a market to trade different cryptocurrencies? literally? blockchain has solutions that will overtake the world as we know it. but what is the point of a market to trade different cryptos? dont you understand that even though the nasdaq itself will become DLT based, the only capacity at which it will trade one money for another money will be akin to trading the euro for the dollar, the digital euro and the digital dollar. there isnt a point to crypto the way it stands now.

  5. Please provide references to your views & why you think US Citizens are getting screwed? I’m a US Citizen living overseas & I’ve never had any issues purchasing and crypto on any CEX’s using my US based banks… please provide your sources to the FuD you are spreading.

  6. Resonate is the next logical progression of DeFi. It will open the door to new markets and applications that couldn't have ever existed otherwise, and lay the foundation for even more exciting innovations to come. Resonate finance

  7. Bombshell news! Anybody catch Heidi say she and Toby aren't US citizens? They certainly sound like they are from the midwest. I'm confused. Everything else she said made sense.

  8. America is rapidly deteriorating in many fields! Corparete and political corruption is forcing innovation out of US, in California there are more homeless people than in whole Europe!

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