45 thoughts on “Why Are You So Mad That I bought Terra Luna Classic at $0.0000006!!!

  1. Brav, listen. People ain’t mad about the taken chances, but about the fact that you keep making unnecessary videos about it. It’s like rubbing it in their noses, just real talk.

  2. Irritating people with your smugness, perhaps! Use that photo as your signature image, I think you're doing great with your image. Rock on! See you on the end game

  3. I don’t think people hate you for your bags. It’s about bragging and keep rubbing it on people face. You are the only YouTuber that brags out their portfolio. The point is you don’ advertise how much money you have in the bank unless you are living under a rock.

  4. Glad for you getting in early, but why keep stating that it seems you are bragging with so many videos mentioning you bought at $40. We got it, enough is enough! Look to the future not the past. imho!!!

  5. Good job on the buy but it gets old after you hear it a million times. Are you just trying to get haters to watch your videos for more views? Like I said good job move on who cares what people think.

  6. Good game for you but who care, you look like a old record on repeat really, you doesnt have to defend yourself but you doesnt have to bring it up every 2 weeks. Its normal that you will piss off some poeple the way you keep bring it on.

  7. Who’s mad . Who cares what you bought at. People should worry about hybrid own business.
    Seems like you are rubbing it in peoples faces what you bought at and what you made. Glad for you at what you bought.
    How about being humble ??

  8. I really appreciate your clear and simple breakdown on financial pitfalls! I lost so much money on stook market but now making around $5k to $7k every week trading different stocks and cryptos

  9. Matt: So what you brought Terra Luna Classic at this price congratulations are in order way to go, Matt. Anyone who claims to buy something at a lower price and its up 500% what can any of us say except congratulations are in order. We all want to prosper in this therefore we should be congratulating each other. Who are we to question this, unless they come back and ask for money to setup a workshop on how to 50X your money. Matt isn't saying this at all therefore Matt way to go you have benefited from a company that should've been whipped out and you made money with it our hats go off to you man for having some balls to buy this at such a low price!

  10. I believe that we have been in a recession for a long time, but regardless to that, I'm so happy I have been earning $ 20,000 returns from my portfolio income every 14days

  11. Maybe making 10 videos about the price you bought at doesn’t benefit your viewers. Bragging is fine. But repeatedly, I think people are just tired of hearing it 😂

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