38 thoughts on “The Next SHIB? 3 Reasons Floki Crypto Will Be MASSIVE!! ($1 Price Prediction?)

  1. Does anybody know how to log into Binance US. I can’t get past all those goofy motorcycle/stare/fire hydrant pictures. That is ridiculous. Thanks and advance for your help

  2. "crypto investor" and "Floki" in one sentence: don't see a difference to other meme coins which try to solve everything as well (like Shiba). still a gambling play imo

  3. Super hyped for Velr90$, a L3 DEX with native swaps between BTC, ETH, USDT, etc. (No more wrapped IOU's and massive gas fees)They use lightning and connext state channels which allow for zero gas fees, fast finality, and increased privacy. Main net coming supposedly soon, easy 100x.

  4. This is truly a gem 💎 Velr90$ is deff a good risk to make great returns in a year or so! Deff will see what happens in a full blown bull market! Let's go!

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