29 thoughts on “Terra Luna Classic | Will Binance Burns Make LUNC POP?

  1. Love your videos and content. I’m going to give my burn estimate. Nov 22 had approx volume of 6 billion which gave us a Binance burn of about 6.4 billion LUNC. When looking at the last 3 months of total volume, the calculation is about 10.4 Billion USD, which would normally yield about 11 billion LUNC burned, but Binance will do 50% which is about 5.5 Billion LUNC. But we have price change plus Binance % of volume which is about 30-45% of total volume. With that, I anticipate we should realistically see a low of 4 Billion LUNC to a high of 7.5 Billion LUNC burned with this Binance burn, which should raise us to 45-48 billion total burned on the running total. It’s just an estimate – let’s see if it’s within that range.

  2. Nice video and I thank you for breaking it down!! Even with the current crypto dip, I'm still Glad 🙂 I can smile back at my portfolio of $53,700 made from my weekly trade within a short period.

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