4 thoughts on “TERRA LUNA CLASSIC USTC REPEG $1????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Should use terra station wallet to bring ustc to exchange for mBTC synthetic asset of Minror camp. Wait for repag or wait for Band potocal to feed Oracle price to terra as before or let other operator feed Oracle because Minror and TFL terra owns. Same, they focus on DEX and it's DEX. It just waits for someone to feed the price. The system will work. Minror will come back to life and mBTC will be exchanged back to USTC according to the BTC price that feeds, even though USTC hasn't yet. Close to 1 UST but it is worth taking profit on DEX in terra chain and price of lunc and ustc will move up again because it is profitable. And people will want it again until USTC price approaches 1 UST and lunc does its job. But don't worry about the amount, it will decrease by itself. Only interested in whether the activity is profitable or not Everything can happen, only Band potocal agrees to feed Oracle price to terra again, everything fits mBTC go to the moon 🌙

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