38 thoughts on “Terra Luna Classic | USTC LUNC Re Peg Test!

  1. Hey, anyone know why I can't send Lunc to Binance or even Atomic wallet? Can't even swap on TFM as it comes up as 'error 500' problem with one of the coins USTC to LUNC or vice versa?

  2. There needs to be some kind of government or someone in charge to run LUNC…too many chiefs with various proposals and nothing is going anywhere.

  3. Waiting for Clay to say "Terra Luna Classic is holding steady at 200 Satoshis". Okay okay, we all want it to go up, but this community model is self-defeating. There should be a 6 month waiting period before new proposals are allowed. This will provide some sort of direction.

  4. 0.5 is working good ,and what are 1.5 would not work or what….i just dont belive how people thinking first we lose all year because that kind of thinking and now yes its better but not inaf we still need 90 years to 10b ,now we are walking foot by foot and we should run to chatch that time we lose.

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