Terra Luna Classic USTC $1 REPEG [Watch Before Tomorrow]

Terra Luna Classic USTC $1 REPEG [Watch Before Tomorrow]

In this video I cover some important updates for the Terra Luna Classic community about the USTC repeg proposal! There are …


11 thoughts on “Terra Luna Classic USTC $1 REPEG [Watch Before Tomorrow]

  1. they could peg it to 1 penny. that would make it easier. easier to sell down to that level
    Something else that might work is to simply link ustc back with lunc again but make it one-directional instead of both ways.. that way lunc never can be minted from ustc but lunc can mint ustc.
    have you ever considered that maybe a repeg isn't even needed? because if they get another treasury going of assets, it could be used again to dump on the market to break the peg like happened last time. perhaps it's best to leave ustc as a volatile coin people gamble on. then build a few dapps that give it some utility so that it would have a perceived value.

  2. No one will ever trust USTC again. People lost millions and won’t listen to anything people have to say about it. But as long as it doesn’t create more LUNC, I couldn’t care less.

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