37 thoughts on “Terra Luna Classic | The USTC Repeg Just Took A Twist… Minting LUNC?

    They been minting since Mr TaekWON Dil Do made this scamming fraudulent bullshxt crash on PURPOSE! It's been 6 trillion outstanding supply this entire time morons! 😂

    Also, doesn't anyone one recall they said they put a "HALT" on the burns. They didn't say they "STOPPED" the burns "FOREVER" dumba$$es.

    "HALT" and "STOPPED FOREVER" are two entirely different things!

    Ignorance truly is bliss…

  2. If it gets to 10 zeros, I can afford to buy 10 trillion coins, and Stake them then the price goes back up again. I bought 5 trillion Digimon rabbit coins with 10 zeros for $150, so 10 trillion no problem.

  3. Thanks buddy for crypto insight,I often say this,making money in crypto trades is very simple,the problem most investors encounters is been a novice and investing on a wrong platform,having a proper knowledge and mentorship actually defines investment,I'm really proud of $10,000 dollars every single week.

  4. Like many comments here I'm getting pi$$ed of with all these stupid proposals.
    Let's just leave Lunc the way it is, no minting and no re-pegging.

    Otherwise I'm outta here!

  5. WTF .00000000001019 for the new fork? Doesn't the community get to vote on this? How many Terra Classic Community members are there? Quite a surprise wasn't expecting this.

  6. You just need to be ready to get out if binance looks like they are going to get out. If we keep this stupid shit up binance is going to fucking dump the burn idea and we’re going to be finished(well not finished, but I don’t wanna wait for 100 years to get the price back up.)

  7. At some point we are going to go into a bowl market and we need a burn mechanism in place so when that happens we start burning while we’re at a low price. I’ve said this over and over again it is common sense and basic math. This is the only way forward, let the stable coin guys find there on the way forward that doesn’t involve in us losing our values so they can gain some. The reason lung is worthless is because they tried to lift the value of UST so why not use that excess Lunk in order to mint a new stable coin? And the offer US T holders a trade in which gets rid of the old UST.

  8. First off I am against it as well and I’m at the point where I’m probably going just fold.
    But just as a curiosity, why do you have to re-peg to US T when you could just make up a new stable coin and funded with excess Terra Luna that’s decreasing the supply of lunc. Literally a one for one mint?
    I suspect this is about either basic grifting, which Occam‘s razor seems to indicate is the most likely answer as far as I’m concerned. Or this guy has a bunch of money in UST Anne wants to use Terra Luna to build the value of that at the expensive of lunc holders. I’m going to have to consider making my exit if this crap keeps up.

  9. Delist ustc from exchanges so the only way to get ustc is on terra station swap(like in the old days), then turn the algorythm back on. Incentives people to sell their ustc for bucket loads of lunc. Then when ustc finally re-pegs, the only way to get new ustc will be to burn $1 worth of lunc on terra station. 1 ustc will cost ridiculous amounts of lunc to mint and lunc supply will drop like a stone. The swing could make people very rich, if it plays out that way.

  10. Imo, I think he should do it but keep it apart of Lunc. It's an open source chain so anyone should be allowed. It will bring attention to the ecosystem bc it is a decent idea. Idea. To me, if it has to be confusing it shouldnt be community orchestrated bc people won't understand. Regardless, in mid April hopefully we will have paraty with cosmos and upgraded to new version and L2 can build which imo will grow the chain. Imo

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