1. I am trying to help LUNC here! In case people don't have the proper fiduciary responsibility and sincerity!

    First of all, LUNC has lots of attention! Millions of people are following and are interested. This should be a blessing! Do you know how much money some new project has to spend for advertising and promoting a new product? So LUNC should enjoy that!

    Now, instead of propelling it forward, I notice there is negativity surrounding it. Disagreement to burn the supply and add more utilities just to name a few.

    Another thing I notice is there are many proposals are piling up. I understand, it's easy to vote or bring some proposals in!

    But the bottom line is, there has to be a dedicated/responsible team of developers to implement the features. I am in software, and I know things are much harder to get done than said. There has to be proper Sprint, Pipeline, QA, Testing, etc before a feature goes live. And also the developers should be properly compensated for their hard work.

    And most important of all; we can't have some punks playing with people's hard-earned money and hard work. The security has to be robust and the system needs to be modularized and easily built upon and secured.

    Only then we can expect a bright future. I guess at this point, it's not a question of whether LUNC should be saved! But how can we move it forward? Slowly but surely.

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