33 thoughts on “Terra Luna Classic | LUNC Proposal And Powell Disruption

  1. $Math is going to be the future its a cross chain wallet for mobile and web storage fot BTC ETH filescoin and more to come unlike other vomit spewing comments that just says $X to the moon i give u a reason why i think its good lets make it pump for our own million gain

  2. The Terra blockchain is a goldmine however its being managed by a bunch of intellectuals that are not business savvy. Smart vs. Book smart. You can write code but you're indecisive and can't figure out which end of the shoelace goes over the other.

  3. I really appreciate the time put in bringing us daily updates, Its been amazing watching you over the last couple of months. Started following you for (crypto) investing tips and now I'm earning over $10,000/week with the knowledge you've shared!

  4. In SHIB we trust! Money is an issue that everyone has for a better and luxurious life, life was hard for me until I started trading Shiba Inu and am now earning $20,000 per week.

  5. Listen guys all we gotta to do is burn 5 trillion plus Kuna coins they can't stop that from clearing 3 zeros let's go guys screw the Illuminati burn those damn coins Shiba too let's go

  6. Have you guys noticed that whenever Bitcoin gets a rally then idiots like Powell or someone says somet on the media and then it goes down again they know what they are doing Powell is Illuminati

  7. Im sorry over 180 billion luna holders ??? All the 180 billion folks gotta do is buy at least 100 lunas more and we'd be over trillions down and kill everything. Wth smh

  8. We need trump back in office. At least the market was good when he was in office, gesssh. i dont understand the governments involvement in this. They get the taxes and fees already from when people make money off the market across the board.. this is just ignorant woth no plan

  9. Starting to smell scam. I am now regretting not selling my lunc when prices are still good. Downtrend no longer tolerable. I already quit shib, dump all my coins before this crash.

  10. What a bs proposal. Need a new burn proposal like 1.2%. I sold all my lunc. I am out until there is a good burn proposal. I don't have 50 years to wait for it to burn at its current rate.

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