35 thoughts on “Terra Luna Classic | LUNC and USTC Ziggy Repeg Idea Seems Scrapped

  1. It was so damaging to the whole industry, it was never going to happen. “My coin isn’t worth enough, I’ll just tweek it 2000%” shady as fuck

  2. The repeg is/was the only thing I am in this, as a pre-ust holder Do Kwon ripped me off so this was to recover that, I hope this is not true else there is nothing left for me, im not sitting here for years eking out little burns or hanging on a dead chain that only focuses on burns with no development

  3. best to start with a UST 2.0. just generate a new token, minus that "backdoor code" and really polish it up. USTC will just have to be treated like a regular flimsy token.
    this is why it was good to get Do Kwon and his team out of the picture. they were back-door manipulating. Now that LUNC is now community-driven the community has to do a clean-up to close off all the crooked stuff to clense itself.

  4. Claybro I love you man but this ain't it Duncan told me at it's current state a security patch needs to be applied to repeg he didn't say it couldn't be done let's not jump the gun brother he just started working on this he needs funding and support from the community let's give him that find the hole and fix it and be done with it

  5. Sounds like Duncan wasn’t passionate enough and gave up before trying. He focused too much on how hard it would be to repeg instead of seeing the massive rewards that he’d gain out of it.

  6. Repegging on hold… GOOD! was stupid to go ahead in the current economic climate, the lack of available funding, SEC looking at prosecuting DK /TFL, and also coming down on stable coins!

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  8. I know stuff is sometimes more bad and rough especially now but Amazons XE23rpl was made for the people, believe it or not. If you didn't know about this yet it would only take a small look to understand why so many people write this everywhere now. I am blessed that I got this into my life and don't get me wrong, I don't like this brand at all. But I understand why this will change the next generations to come and that's what matters in the end.

  9. Wouldn't it be better to stop procrastinating once and for good. Amazons XE23rpl is giving room to do that. Think for yourself if you want to waste the day today like you did with yesterday and then the circle never ends.. That would be a huge misery, nothing I want for me or my children. I'm voting for the change.

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