40 thoughts on “PEPE COIN: ALL-IN NOW??? (Next Millionaire Maker?)

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  2. Nice video, love how you take your time to educate your viewers,you gave me the insight to invest my savings.

    I have made returns worth over 250k USD now and still counting, I am having a good life and it's nice… I'd really implore anyone else to do same

  3. I think if the devs work to evolve the coin and keep the hype going and get the rhythm right with the bullrun it definitely could get huge
    an investment of 200 dollars is not that risky if we look at the possible upside potential here, wouldn't bet more than that

  4. We need some good info on how to buy these meme coins. I tried to buy on Coinbase and couldn’t. Don’t want to go through a stress induced heart attack to figure out how to make a purchase.

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