39 thoughts on “MEMECOIN Craze: PEPE, BRC-20 & Miladys!! What’s Going On?

  1. The memecoin craze has been building up since the pandemic, almost 20 billion usd in the span of 2020-2022. Memecoins are STILL booming and it's important to choose the correct ones. Shiba Memu, for example, has been transparent and even is on the way to 300k usd during 6th day of presale.

  2. Hi there. Could you possibly consider to do some content on quant please? I believe it will take a big part when cbdc's coming in the future. Please correct me if any1 got other thoughts on this1

  3. Love your content! I think Rocifi would be a great topic for your next video. Their innovative approach to undercollateralized loans and credit scoring is really exciting

  4. this is the realest, VIDEO…. of the REAL ….truth. The Real Guy came out, a human like US ……who got tired of all the BANKS; GOV LAW, STUPIDITY….and so on….of this world.

  5. Like the Yeti cooler team red loses it's mind because racism was solved with (my politics are the same as the greatest President Ronald Ragan) Obama the Bankers friend. Red team Blue team means you been propaganda stricken & about to be told which of you're neighbors you need to use your gun's on for the rich team!

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