29 thoughts on “Its Confirmed!!! Terra Luna Classic To $1.00 Very Soon!!!

  1. More click bait. Most of the people that make these types of videos will try to purchase crypto in what they invest in, making bs statements. Invest into crypto, not just what youtubers say to invest.

  2. just stop talking shit. people find it difficult to save money anyway. what should he measure!

    this shit coin falls and falls. made so many people poor anyway!

    work and earn your money like a man and not with shitty news and click on youtube

  3. "Help the community" I first dislike then listen the vide, then it's absolutly massive bullshit, full void, no fundamentals. Just sharing referal links. You make your financial decisions and give people financial advice by following marketing of projects, that's not how it works. Have fun.

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