1. stupid price prediction. 1$? that would put floki with a higher market cap then BTC….. I mean I have Floki and I believe in a 20x to a 100x but 1$ is just silly.

  2. Hey Levi. Check out OFI (Ordinals Finance). The team are doing something great with lending and defi in the Bitcoin space. 🔥🧨🔥

  3. Not called INU you are going to confuse new people and they will buy the fake token. And Binance are laser focused on FLOKI.?? I’ve never heard so much BS schilling in one video. Do you see what YouTubers are being sued for right now? Videos like this… be more careful you aren’t a financial/crypto advisor.

  4. You right about that, Floki has got the positive wealth effect. Rn I'm trading floki3s and floki3l on mexc leveraged ETF market for a chance to share from the 130m floki reward pool

  5. How is signing up to Binance on your referral link helping Floki with anything ?

    Can you just be honest, you earn money when somebody do that. Floki dont get anything.

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