29 thoughts on “Confirmed Terra Luna Classic price prediction today Lunc news you must watch

  1. When everything started to tank, I lost more than $40,000. Not because I was involved in a heated exchange. Because that's what everyone else said, I was just dumb to hold, and that's why. Even while I still have responsibility for my decisions, I now consider myself to be a better investor because I am more aware of the potential pitfalls. I was in the market for more than 3 years before I realized that. I'm happy to have discovered a way to get my money back at approximately $5,000 per week in profits. Many thanks, Mrs Elsie Mabel

  2. Who are you kidding? This shitcoin has not gained volume in recent months,..with all your "fantastic" upgrades and freebies,..LUNC is a dead cat on a hot tin roof, falling apart in front of everyone,..I don't understand your insistence on this shit,. .

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