Bitcoin Price Meltdown Waiting On ETH To Break Triple MEGA Support (BTC Workout Video)

Bitcoin Price and crypto BTC analysis using the cleanest, clearest, most beautiful and most precise tools you can find online! New viewers will see the difference right away. June 2023
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●▬ I gave specific warning twice about SEC attacking crypto ▬●

●▬▬▬▬ 12 times I begged you to listen in late 2021 and early 2022 ▬▬▬▬●
1) Trying to convince people to be bearish in December 2021 when $BTC was $56K.
2) Solana crash warning before anyone else on earth (perfect call)
3) Showed why Plan B’s Stock to flow model would die before anyone you know
4) Called Luna’s $120 top months before it happened
5) Addressed large cap altcoiners to show that 2022 was going to be bloody for ALL crypto
6) Tried to convince you that Altcoin season cannot happen until 2024
7) Told you when the second half of the bear market would begin and to sell all rallies
8) Warned you ETH would hit $800 and altcoins would lose 95-98% of their value
9) Gave you a 100% crash signal days before the biggest crypto move down in April 2022
10) Tried to convince you Feb 22 to hold tether and that buying altcoins was insanely stupid
11) “Buy The Dip” I begged you not to listen to social media influencers and showed you why
12) 🔥STOCK MARKET CRASH🔥 Told you the stock market topped and will crash early 2022

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