29 thoughts on “Baby Doge Coin(PUMP)To the Moon Elon Musk ने ट्वीट किया || Floki Inu Update || Crazy Crypto MINTOO

  1. लोग फालतू में बेवकूफ 😂😂बन रहे हैं बेबी डोज के चक्कर में 420 का मतलब ये है की बियर मार्केट को 420 दिन हो गए।

  2. hi sir the meaning of floki inu announcement language is

    Important Announcement: China Plan

    – Date: Tuesday, February 7, 2023.

    – Time: 5pm UTC.

    – Location: Twitter space!

    Stay tuned for our next big announcement!

  3. There's 0 connection between babydoge and 420. Let me explain.

    Agar aap dekho to 420, k niche vala jo tweet usme usne kaha he ki, mene ""how to scam"" book kafi months pehele mangvae thi. But abhi tak aae nahi he. So uske regarding elon ne sarcastic way me bola 420, bcoz book ka name he HOW TO SCAM and unke sath SCAM hogaya, to yeh, ak tarah se, sarcastic JOKE he. But jo bhi ho agar isse fayda ho raha he to hone do, bus itna dhiyan rakhna ki thoda profit hote hi pese nikal lena, bcoz, zyada lalach me pese dub jayenge.

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