20 thoughts on “3 HOT Crypto Gaming Platforms | Bitcoin Update

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  2. George how could you forget Wax? We built Castles NFT on it because the gas fees are basically nonexistent. We've been a top blockchain game for a year now! A sustainable fantasy RPG built on the chain and built to last.

  3. great content, personally I find Cometh's work also pretty succesful. their Ledger Live specifically remarkable, also their updates and tournaments are great. I suggest to all to try Cometh Battle.

  4. Fantatstic hidden gem crypto gaming coin: Battle Saga (BTL) on BSC. Buy it on Pancakeswap. Ridiculously low market cap but still in very active development. It's going to make crazy gains from where it is now. Buy some.

  5. respect to george but he doesn't know the gaming space, IMX is highest quality project. They have by far the most big budget games including 2 AAA games building now under condifentiality one rumoured to be a marvel game who they have a partnership with

  6. Wax… u need to know about Wax. Alien Worlds is the top Dapp web3 game. Colonies Mars on wax is another cool game. Playable n can stake n being developed actively like Alien Worlds.

    And Star Atlas on Solana is huge. Playable. So far one of the biggest metaverse world.

  7. They spread FUD coz they r to dumb to know that Binance is not a China company n CZ is now Canadian. If he was so loyal to China he would have stayed there n been like Huobi n Justin Sun.

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