32 thoughts on “खतरनाक PUMP कैसे ,क्यों आ रहा | Shiba inu News | Babydoge Burn News | Dogecoin news | Crypto news

  1. Thank you for your update

    Bhai i have suggestion for u please start ur samjha do bhaiya teaching class in YouTube i love to join even some here who need bcoz many are new to market . more like 1 hour session daily please think about it ask opinion about the classes with our samjha do bhaiya army let's see what public will vote for

    Thank you

  2. I've come to realize as an investor that instead of letting my money sit idle in my savings account it is more productive to invest the little available and build a portfolio from the accumulated profit of investment

  3. Will Shibadoge follow the same path as ShibaInu and Dogecoin?

    The Devs are innovative and changing the crypto and NFT space.
    So I have stacked up and will ride the bullrun for sure.

    For more info check out

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